Check in to a modern self catering hostel for a good nights sleep!
Book and pay online, check in and out by yourself - could it be easier?


Check in to a modern self catering hostel
We believe that modern travelers want to book, pay and check in/out on their own. Sure, it´s lovely with a front desk receptionist but we believe in a good nights sleep with money left to spend on exploring Luleå and Norrbotten.

Our concept is simple - small rooms with nice beds, no windows, no midnight sun keeping you awake, check in and out by yourself and choose whenever or whatever you want to eat.

Make your bed before you sleep, wake up and leave the after stay cleaning to us.

Blankets, pillows, bed sheets and towels are included in the price for every bed.
After stay cleaning is also included.

Toilet/restrooms, showers, kitchen and tv in the common areas.

Single bed 500 SEK
Family room 740 SEK


Check-in from 14.00.
Check-out at 12.00.
A check-in code is sent to your phone on the same day as the check-in.
Please note that the code sent out by is not the code for your room and the entrance door.

We have no front desk receptionist, but if you need us just give us a call.

No animals and no smoking inside Citysleep.

Make sure that you let your fellow visitors sleep after 22:00.
Wireless internet access is included in the price for all rooms.

All guests have access to our well-equipped and modern kitchen. Breakfast can be purchased at the Quality hotel (50 m from Citysleep), alternatively at Elite City hotel (75 m from Citysleep). The possibility exists, of course, to cook your own breakfast in the kitchen if you'd rather want it.


Restore the room as it was when you checked in:
Remove any glasses, plates etc from the room and wash them in the kitchen.

If you think that the room is not cleaned when you arrive, please contact us.

Leave common rooms in good contion and make sure that you haven't left anything behind in the kitchen or the bathroom. Empty the refridgerator and the spence from any of your goods.

We hope that you will enjoy your stay at Citysleep and we would love to see you as a recurring guest!

Feel free to tell others about your stay if you feel satisfied with it,
and please let us know if you feel dissatisfied in any way.

CitySleep i Sverige AB
(+46)920 - 42 00 02

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