Luleå city

Citysleep is right next to the north harbour (Norra hamn) and just a few steps away from all the restaurants, shopping and entertainment.
Just above Citysleep you will find the city park and the big church from 1893.

If you continue walking towards the city you will find that everything is very close and that the south harbour (Södra hamn) is just next to the city center.

The city is known for it's good local traffic. All buses depart from Smedjegatan in the centre of the town. List of all bustours.

The world heritage Gammelstads kyrkstad

Gammelstads church town is close by and is one of the world wonders on Unescos list. Except from 400 well kept church cabins, Nederluleås church from 1400-talet is located in Gammelstad. The church is known for its lime paintings and its beautiful altar piece. The open-air museum Hägnan is also located in Gammelstad, with buildings built between the 18th - 20th century.

You can experience how people used to live on the country side, see farm animals, play games, have a swedish "fika", buy souvenirs or just enjoy the beautiful environment.

Luleå archipelago

During the summer months, several tourboats travel daily to the Luleå archipelago. With over 700 islands and a rich vegetation, Luleå archipelago is considered one of the countrys most beautiful archipelagos.
You can visit the island Sandön with the popular beach Klubbviken or the old fishing camp at Brandöskär.
MS Laponia departs during bright summer nights and have a popular event with local sea food.

Or you can also explore the archipelago yourself by renting a canoe.

Summer activities

Luleå has many nice beaches and outdoor pools. You can for example visit Gültzaudden which is just a few steps aways from Norra hamn, Niporna with the bid sand slopes or Tjuvholmssundet which is close to the island Sandön.
Luleå is wellknow for its festivals during the summer. The two big festivals both have free entrance and are suitable for all ages.

If it should rain we recommend a visit to the city museum, art hall, Leos playland, Teknikens hus (science center and planetarium), Game:In, Alcatraz (gamecenter) or a nice restaurant.

On the page Visit Luleå you will find all the information about Luleå

Besides all the fun activities we really recommend that you enjoy the famous midnight sun. Bring a glas of wine, find a nice spot and just enjoy - cause in Luleå the sun always shines!

Winter activities

The archipelago is also popular during the winter. Luleå municipality creates a popular road on the ice for ice skating or walking. The road goes from Norra hamn, around Gültzaudden, to Södra hamn and from there out to Gråsjälören, a total distance of 7kilometers.

If you like to ski Luleå has plenty of cross country ski tracks and two ski slopes.
At Ormberget you will find many nice cross country ski tracks, a ski slope and restaurant.
Måttsund offers ski slope, ski school, ski rental and a restaurant.

Events and activities

Sports interested can visit Luleå Hockeys ice hockey games, or watch basketball games from Luleå basket (women) or BC Luleå (men). All teams play on the top level in Sweden!

And while in Luleå, don't miss out on visiting Kulturens Hus with all the events, concert halls, art hall, library, restaurant etc. Close by is also the theatre Norrbottensteatern, which also hosts a theater school.

If you like to visit a pub or a dancefloor, Luleå has a lot to offer. We have everything from the brittish inspired pub Bishops to dancefloor with sportsbar and games.


There are many shopping malls in Luleå (Luleå was actually the first city in Europe with an in-door shopping mall). The town contains a wide range of shops, and they are all located central and close to Citysleep.
You can also take the bus to Storheden where you will find the big shopping stores.

For more information about what Luleå has to offer, please visit the page Visit Luleå

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